Virgo compatibility with virgo

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Making lists, balancing accounts and keeping the house and affairs in order are second nature to both partners. These two are very different, and it will take a lot of understanding, adjustments, and compromises from both to make this love match work. They may belong to organizations separately or together, and they will genuinely respect one another's contributions to society. On a bad day, you can be argumentative, flaky and overbooked—your own separate lives may be stuffed to the gills with too many projects, plans and friends, making it hard to find enough quality time together. Structure and routine come naturally to earth signs. There is rarely conflict between them, but when it does arise it is quickly brushed over. It's Virgo's cool approach that drives Scorpio to want to ruffle Virgo's pristine feathers. Ever the perfectionist, Virgo can be a bit critical under Mercury's rule.

Virgo compatibility with virgo

Spending time with friends, coworkers or relatives of another element can introduce a more balancing energy. A shared commitment to keeping finances under control means that this couple is careful with their money. Other Not So Easy Virgo Sign Pairings Almost any Sun sign love match can be made to work if the individuals are both willing to set aside their differences. Do you like to take charge and have a plan, or do you prefer to go with the flow? Earth-sign pairings must view change and risk as an opportunity rather than a threat. Your compatibility clicks and clashes Where you click: There is never any confusion over the delegation of responsibility, and both partners feel quite comfortable with this arrangement. Virgo and Virgo Nature and Nuances: It's Virgo's cool approach that drives Scorpio to want to ruffle Virgo's pristine feathers. Both take their time when it comes to choosing a significant other, and this is like a tonic to both when they realize just how lucky they are to be together. Was this page useful? Pickiness makes the Virgo-Virgo team a wonderful romantic couple. Both members value community service and spending quality time with their families. The Virgo-Virgo relationship runs like a well-oiled machine, particularly for couples who live together or have children. If the Virgin pair wants the relationship to last long, they have to remember the things that bonded them in the first place, and since they know each others' strengths and weaknesses, they must not do or say anything to hurt the other. However, since Virgo man and Virgo woman are flexible, even if they are not sexually incompatible to begin with, they can slowly adjust to to each other and build it up gradually. There are four elements in astrology: Be careful not to scatter your energy and spread yourselves too thin in this love match. Cancer and Virgo are particularly well suited for one another. Both Virgo and Scorpio like to acquire resources. Capricorn likes things to look good, and Virgo likes things to be good and look good, so this is often an ideal pairing. As scattered as Gemini can sometimes appear to be, both signs love to keep a clean and orderly home. This couple will also spend entire nights in bed talking to one another about things that are important to them, be it each other, children or politics. Aquarius Both Virgo and Aquarius are intellectual and can easily be friends, but a love match between these two will be an ongoing struggle. All of the love matches below are not naturally compatible, and each needs understanding and compromise by both people involved.

Virgo compatibility with virgo

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  1. Like the proverbial moth to the flame, Virgo can't help but feel fascinated by the seemingly elusive fish.

  2. However, since they are both good communicators, they can easily tell each other about their needs and desires, but they feel that orally expressing something that needs to be implicitly understood somehow spoils the fun.

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