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You see, Doc doesn't find a cure at first—it takes him over two weeks. Following the disastrous attempts to build an arc featuring the Kazon across the first two seasons of the show, Voyager is heading in a very different direction. While Kes is overjoyed to have both her partner and mentor back, Janeway simply acknowledges the two and leaves, knowing that she will need to live with the moral consequences of her actions. It would've been much more prudent to dedicate more of the show to this argument rather than spending so much time on Kes' coping-with-death issue and Tuvix's initial fish-out-of-water dilemma. Her displeasure lessens over the course of the episode, but never completely goes away. Several weeks pass, and Tuvix settles into life aboard the ship. A very bizarre transporter mishap results in "symbiogenesis" and merges Tuvok and Neelix into a single individual who appropriately names himself "Tuvix" after briefly considering "Neevok" as a name. Tom Wright's performance is not always on-the-money, but he does do a respectable job of combining the two unlikely personalities together—not an easy task. It's getting very, very, very old.


It's amazing that a premise this outlandish can work, but it somehow does, though not without some significant shortcomings. While all three elements of the show are certainly relevant, only Tuvix's sacrifice really holds any lasting impact. You see, Doc doesn't find a cure at first—it takes him over two weeks. For one, I think Tuvix is a little too adamant on living. Seeing that he has no choice, he forgives the crew saying he understands what they all feel, agrees to go sickbay, but tells everyone they'll have to live with the consequences. There is no comparable process to which the audience might compare these events. The Next Generation ; "Tuvix" is an example of how the former series tended to incorporate stories that touched on moral and ethically ambiguous situations and decisions. In fact, from a purely utilitarian perspective, it is suggested that Tuvix has surpassed his progenitors. Whereas the central metaphors of Innocence and The Thaw were accessible and relatable, Tuvix feels a little too abstract. Janeway should have been able to spare him and recreate Tuvok and Neelix out of new matter. This idea was most succinctly summarised in The Measure of a Man , an episode in which Starfleet decided that Data would have so much more to offer as a guinea pig than as an officer. I only asked for a few things; she brought that look and emotion to work with her. However, Data must have the freedom to make that choice himself. He pleaded with Kes, among others, to speak to the captain on his behalf. He also noted that Tuvix adopted Neelix's right- handedness as opposed to Tuvok's left-handedness. She says she doesn't know him, and is uncomfortable with his love given Tuvok's wife. There, the crew discusses the transporter accident that created Mr. That task always fell to members of the writing staff, tasked with fleshing out strong ideas into fully-formed episodes. This usually only occurs with microcellular organisms. Nevertheless, Voyager generally seems less interested in how strange phenomena affect its cast than it does in the strange phenomena itself. Later, in her room, she prays for Tuvok and Neelix with Ocampan prayer tapers when Tuvix visits. Biller re-wrote the episode to focus more on the serious philosophical questions raised by the episode and especially the inevitable separation of Tuvix back into the series regulars. And if I lost Neelix, Tuvok would be the first person to guide me spiritually. The ship is in no immediate danger. If something happened to Tuvok, if Neelix were here, he'd be the first person to comfort me.


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  1. And the subsequent fact that the Doctor will not harm Tuvix against his will leads Janeway to actually carry out the procedure herself—and having to live with the consequences of what Tuvix labels "murder. As a physician he has pledged to do no harm and will not perform a procedure that would end Tuvix's life, especially as Tuvix is explicitly refusing to undergo it.

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