Top 20 inspirational movies

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Billy Elliot This is a movie about a boy called Billy who really wants to dance ballet. The movie teaches us how to overcome popular opinion and love each other despite our differences. Examples of these are horror, comedy, romance, action, thriller and inspirational movies. Lawrence during World War I. Hotel Ruanda Based on a true story, this inspiring movie gives an impressive account of a hotel manager who gave shelter to more than refugees during a military crisis in their country. The movie encourages you to forge your own path in life instead of living the life your family wants you to live. I was always afraid of the squid and whale fighting. Based on a true story, it shows the life of a Nobel Prize winning mathematician known as John Nash. The movie comes with the important message that you should not allow anybody to dictate you what you make of your life.

Top 20 inspirational movies

It encourages us not to be too quick to judge other people but to discover who they truly are. If you have the willpower and the necessary focus it takes to overcome everything that stands in your way, you will succeed. A Beautiful Mind Paranoid schizophrenia is a condition where the patient believes that there is a person or a group of people who are out to hurt them or members of their family. The Theory of Everything This movie is about the life of Stephen Hawking but it is so much more than just science. It is a very vivid movie and Jamie Bell brings Billy Elliot to life. It tells the inspiring story of Pi who is the only human survivor of a shipwreck. Some of the most memorable ones come from the inspirational genre. The second thing you can do to massively boost your inspiration levels is to watch inspirational movies. A Beautiful Mind is a movie about a gifted mathematician who suffers from this condition. The Lord of the Rings: The scary fish at the Natural History Museum. The inspiring movie is all about the great struggle of finding your place in life and how important it is not to give up during this time. Rocky captures the strength of the human spirit. The little hobbits brave dark swamps, sheer cliffs and various evil monsters so as to achieve their mission. Watching inspirational movies brings back those exciting moments of great creativity and inspiration. Peaceful Warrior There are situations in life that turn your entire existence upside down. The message of the movie is highly inspiring. It is seriously a master piece that is worth your time. What is so inspiring about this movie is that it teaches important lessons about acceptance, tolerance, and team spirit. This movie teaches us the moral of letting your work and your effort speak for you. Source Jack Nicholson stars as Randal P. James Hunt and Niki Lauda battled for the World Title, the latter overcoming an appalling accident in the process. Slumdog Millionaire The inspiring message of this uplifting movie is that there will always be ups and downs in your life, no matter where you come from. In short, the best inspirational movies do not only come with meaningful lessons but also help you to brim with creativity once more. These times cannot be avoided but you can definitely develop some powerful tactics to fight against a lack of inspiration. It also shows the strength of compassion. The movie teaches us how to overcome popular opinion and love each other despite our differences.

Top 20 inspirational movies

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  1. They can inspire you to give everything you can to see your vision implemented and will also keep you going through difficult times.

  2. In the movie, Rocky creates relationships with the people around him and they become his source of strength.

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