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Their weight is nice, however, with fish up to kg. The Aby can be divided into two sections. It is inexpensive and can be purchased at all tourist information centers. Accommodation can be found in several cottages rented by locals that live along the river, or camping by the water. The river flows from the lake Storkagetrask and out to the sea at the settlement of Kage, about 15 km north of the town of Skelleftea. Sea trout, salmon, pike, perch, grayling and burbot can be found in the river. Spawning continues all summer after each rain spate. The season ends the last day of August.


The fishing season starts at the beginning of May with sea trout. It flows through a fairly populated valley with intensive agriculture. The Kagealv or Kage River flows about 15 km to the south. There are very nice grayling to be caught up to 1 kg in weight. The fishing pressure is quite light. A light two-handed rod is ideal, but a one-hander can take you far as well. The river changes character here - the upper stretch is calmer and there are many deep pools or even small lakes. Wading is fairly easy in most spots, and waders are not necessary though they make fishing easier. The Kagealv is easily accessible. Several hundred sea trout are taken each year, weighing up to kg each. There are fewer salmon, with variable numbers caught - in a good rainy year about are taken. This is a typical "spate river", and is a nice addition to fishing the Byske. Czech nymphing would definitely be successful, though it is unfortunately not common in Sweden yet. The river is about km long, with an average flow of 17 cubic meters per second. It's a good idea to have two set-ups with you - one lightweight for grayling, and a heavier for pike. The lower section of about 25 km long, from the sea to the village Hednas, is a fairly populated agricultural landscape. At the beginning of June the first salmon appear. The season is the same as for the Byske. The season ends the last day of August. After heavy rains the river quickly becomes clouded, but it can be fished about two days later. Wading is quite difficult, and waders are necessary. In addition, there is camping at the bridge across the river in the town of Sandfors, 27 km from the river mouth. Fishing licenses can be bought at the gas station in Kage or in the settlement of Ersmark about 10 km upstream. The Aby can be divided into two sections. This dam is only a couple years old, so how well it works is still unknown.


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