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Their hair is coarse; whether on their heads or the odd patches that grow on other parts. Among the typical rough-minded tanarukks are a few who are smarter or more moderate in their temperament, possibly because one of their demonic ancestors was a marilith or some other sort of demon prone to thinking before acting. His worshipers are more likely to become fighters or rangers than barbarians. Others have iron jewelry or weapons such as tanarukk battle gauntlets hammered into place around their limbs while still hot, fusing the item in place when it cools, which prevents theft without killing the tanarukk first. Despite the influence of their fiendish mentors, tanarukk tribes do not worship demons. They use the dwarf height and weight ranges in Dwarf. Specifically, Tanarukks are the Orcish equivalents of Tieflings.


Allowing one who has spurned the gifts of the One-Eyed God to live is an affront to his worship. Among the typical rough-minded tanarukks are a few who are smarter or more moderate in their temperament, possibly because one of their demonic ancestors was a marilith or some other sort of demon prone to thinking before acting. They have sharp teeth and prominent lower tusks, with their lower jaw protruding farther than their small snouts. Tanarukk Magic and Lore Tanarukks have few wizards, preferring the ease of sorcery. It is these tanarukks who become leaders or, dissatisfied with the life available to them among their own kind, seek out other challenges in new places. In fact, they actually relish the challenge of fighting legitimate opponents, which is one of the reasons why they rampage. Darkvision up to 60 feet. From there, they enslaved local orc tribes to serve them, eventually undertaking a breeding program to create a superior strain of fiend-blooded orcs to serve as their slaves. They otherwise use orc magic items or those provided by the fiends. This ability does not change the heat output or fuel consumption of the fire source, lasts 5 minutes, and may be done once per day. As the tanarukk taint can breed true, any tanarukk offspring are usually killed at birth unless the tribe foresees a need for their strength. The result were the Tanarukks, a combination of some of the nastiest parts of both races. A tanarukk's demonic Hit Dice grant him two feats. His successors fell to infighting but managed to hold power until the keep itself was destroyed in DR by an extraplanar artifact known as the Gatekeeper's Crystal. Less rage-prone tanarukks tend to be fighters or rangers. They are impressed by strength, and only a very powerful leader can convince them to settle down long enough to follow orders against a common enemy. Also, both versions of the post Language and Literacy Tanarukks speak orc and Abyssal, using the former for most conversations but inserting words from the latter when more sophisticated concepts need to be communicated. Because they are resistant to fire, many scarring rituals use acid or jagged weapons. Vats filled with a pulsating morass of orc meat and demon ichor are subjected to blasphemous rituals, which causes them to heave forth dozens of tanarukks at a time. In recent years, Grintharke was slain. Tanarukks are strong and agile, but have short attention spans and aggressive natures. Animals and Pets During their confinement within Hellgate Keep, tanarukks have fallen out of practice in training animals and have only recently begun training boats and dire boars as mounts. Outlook Tanarukks have the worst traits of orcs or half-orcs mixed with the temper and power of demons, Generally sullen and prone to rages, tanarukks would rather fight than ponder and would rather kill than argue. Tanarukks have the same life expectancy and age categories as an orc. If this new race continues to expand, he is likely to supplant Gruumsh in the eyes of the tanarukks. Theoretically tanarukks could breed with goblinoids or even ogres and produce strange crossbreeds, although these are likely to be sterile.


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