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On June 1, , Wisconsin Act , the Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification law, became effective, allowing for the collection and dissemination of information related to certain sex offenders. This site allows citizens to search by individual name or by zip code to access those individuals who are maintained in the sex offender registry. Purpose This data is being provided on the Internet to make the information more easily available and accessible, not to warn about any specific individual. Any juvenile who is on supervision and enters Wisconsin under the Interstate Compact Agreement. When searching by zip code, citizens will receive a listing of all those individuals living within the zip code searched.

Sorp wi

This act required all states to establish stringent registration programs for sex offenders by September , including the identification and lifetime registration of "sexual predators. Protection of the public from sex offenders is a paramount governmental interest. People who are convicted of, adjudicated or committed for a violation, solicitation, conspiracy or attempt to commit a violation of any registerable offense on or after December 25, , must register. This also includes people who have been in prison, on probation or parole, or in a mental or county correctional institution since December 25, , for a registerable offense. Citizens are encouraged to access this information database to obtain valuable information regarding convicted sex offenders in Wisconsin. In Wisconsin, convicted sex offenders are registered with the Department of Corrections upon their release from prison. Each registrant submits registry information, and sometimes the information provided is not accurate. If you believe that any of the information contained in the registry is inaccurate, please send us your comments. Persons found to have committed a sex offense have a reduced expectation of privacy in the interest of public safety. All information included in the Registry is available to law enforcement agencies. Below is the link to the sex offender registry database. Once released into the community, they must then report to both the local police department and sheriff's department to participate in a face to face registration. Initially, more than 10, names have been added to this registry. The information contained in the registry will not reflect the entire criminal history of a particular individual. However, you are cautioned that the information provided on this site can change quickly, and may not reflect the current residence, status or other information regarding the registrant. On June 1, , Wisconsin Act , the Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification law, became effective, allowing for the collection and dissemination of information related to certain sex offenders. Tygart If a registrant is no longer enrolled or employed at UW-Stevens Point they will be removed from this web page. Any sex offender convicted in a military, tribal or federal court. Victims, neighborhood watch groups and the general public also have access. Additional information about ways to reinforce personal protection is available in our on-line publications and on the Department of Corrections Victim Web Site. This is Wisconsin's version of "Megan's Law," known nationally as a law intended to help protect society by identifying convicted sex offenders and their placement within communities. Who is required to register? Public notification has been required by national law for several years. Please consult Wisconsin Statute Registration, while on supervision and following the expiration from sentence, serves as a means for monitoring and tracking the whereabouts of sex offenders in the community. Information contained in the listing includes gender, race, age, height, weight, hair and eye color, conviction date, county of conviction, registration beginning and end, as well as a photo.

Sorp wi

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  1. In addition, registrants are subject to periodic, random verification checks conducted by the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry Program. DOC cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information.

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