Sociopath revenge after a breakup

My boyfriend is also a sociopath. What is the point? I have been struggling for years and still no answer. I need to know that he will be miserable one day, that he will finally realize the destruction he caused others because he will get to feel that exact same way. Acknowledging even a fraction of their actions is to get drawn into acknowledging themselves and your feelings.

Sociopath revenge after a breakup

The big day arrived, he went dark, refused to speak to her and cut her off. If people act as fools, they should be treated as such. Use cool logic to twist their minds up. If you don't respond to my liking, be assured I'll manipulate you until I get what I desire. When I interact productively with non-sociopaths, it reminds me of the limited capacity I have to be human. He would rather run you around. It is shocking to know that your own parents would have stood back and let you take your own life, just to hide their own actions, but they did exactly that! You need to separate from that. Many years ago, I worked with a girl from Australia. Everyday I find myself still struggling to understand is he a monster or just human with mental illness? But with that said, I can predict situations in which you might want to beat a sociopath at his own game. November 23, at My boyfriend is also a sociopath. He unleashed long texts about he had no problem returning my stuff until I started acting like a child and how dare I say I was strung along and used when he gave me every opportunity to stop being so effing immature, etc. He texted me out of the blue one day in November and practically begged to drive over to see me. However, I find great enjoyment in getting to know people intimately not always sexually. But the worst part about it was, I had no clue he did. One thing I know for sure that the nice guy image he created outside is not what I will get as his wife, what I get is a miserable man who lies , cheats and gives me STD yes the last straw was STD he gave me and yet still manage to shift the blame on me and blames me for everything, all his suffering is from me and yet he is the one clinging on me terrified that I leave him. I just can never put him together as one person. Do I hold remorse for my actions? I returned for three weeks and nothing ever changed but me. Lulu February 26, at 7: Are you in court? If U get to read any sociopath blogs [psychogendered. I can give of myself, but there's always a motive. Only those close friends of me who truly know who I am are appalled by his conducts and have been loaning us money to support me and my 10 year old son. Or when you're out and about and you see a little girl dressed up like a princess or a little boy dressed up like a pirate, what do you do?

Sociopath revenge after a breakup

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