Snopes owned by soros

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One of the funnier questions on its FAQs page is: It all really comes down to money and ownership. In an update posted July 31, Team Snopes said the money it raised will be used to keep the site running during litigation. It is this GSA that has now proved to be the thorn in the side of both Mikkelson and his legal adversaries. Then, in February , one of the five men, Vincent "Vinny" Green, who had one of the tiny shares of Bardav 3.

Snopes owned by soros

And it alleges Mikkelson inflicted "substantial economic loss" on Proper Media. Actually a really interesting read, but the conclusion is: Mikkelson argues that he is the majority shareholder of Bardav and as such can fully exert control. But thanks to the generosity of thousands of friends of the fake news busters, Snopes will be with us a little while longer. Mom-And-Pop Site Busts The Web's Biggest Myths Now operating with a team of just 13 editorial staffers including video and graphics Snopes weighs in on matters large and small, covering subjects including politics, pop culture, tech, health. Still, David Mikkelson discussed it with the quintet, and he ultimately decided not to hold up the sale. Snopes is super liberally biased, I wouldn't mind to see it die. Snopes has endured because it has proved reliable. Later, Ryan Miller, another person with 3. One day in the summer, out of the blue, David Mikkelson received an e-mail from his former wife. I haven't read it and am not sure if I'm even interested. While it's not a household name, Snopes drew However, because of the way Bardav was set up initially, as an S-corporation, its shareholders had to be individuals rather than corporations. Snopes, the world-renowned fact-checking website, was set to close down the site over multiple legal battles. From the outside, Silicon Valley looks like a gleaming tower of technological perfection. I actually quite like this piece. After he and his former wife, Barbara Mikkelson, divorced, she sold her 50 percent stake in Snopes and its parent company to five officers of Proper Media — as individuals. You can't "fact check" from one side only. The five men convinced David Mikkelson who still retained his percent stake in Bardav that Snopes would be more profitable if they all worked together. First result from Googling "Snopes liberal bias" is this Forbes piece: But the five board members believe that they collectively hold it on behalf of Proper Media and as such hold equal weight in terms of ownership as Mikkelson. Enlarge this image David Mikkelson, founder of Snopes, sits next to a doctored storm photo in Snopes is safe, at least for now August 2, at But the future of one of the nation's first digital fact-checking initiatives is currently in doubt. It all really comes down to money and ownership. Facebook will outsource fact-checking to fight fake news As of Tuesday evening, Snopes. When Ars asked Kronenberger if he had encountered any similar situations like this during his year career as an attorney, he quipped:

Snopes owned by soros

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