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On the north, the Red Lady Express lift provides access to additional beginner terrain, as well as access to lifts and trails on the north side of the mountain, as well as Painter Boy. The Silver Queen Express also provides access to advanced intermediate terrain, as well as a number of black runs such as International. To the south, the Silver Queen Express lift runs from the base all the way up to near the bottom of the Peak. Called the High Lift, the new T-Bar provided access to the Headwall chutes above Paradise Bowl, and also opened additional expert terrain on the upper part of the mountain. In , another fixed-grip quad, West Wall, replaced the T-bar on Buckley. Painter Boy provides access into this area from Red Lady and the rest of the mountain, and services beginner and low-intermediate trails. Constructed by Carlevaro-Savio, the three-person Silver Queen Gondola was notorious for being cramped and the cabins were known to have frequent collisions. In , Riblet constructed the Teocalli double chairlift on the north side of the mountain, providing access to some intermediate trails, and double chairlifts were also built servicing the Paradise Bowl, which opened intermediate trails to the east of Twister as well as the East River area below that. Serviced by the East River Express lift, it is composed primarily of additional blue trails with names like Floresta and Black Eagle, as well as continuations of a number of trails from Paradise Bowl, but also has a number of mogul runs.


The lift services expert and advanced trails on the west slope of the mountain, but with the upgrading of other lifts now operates sporadically. These double-black chutes are relatively remote, as they require using three lifts for roundtrip skiing East River, Paradise, and North Face. We have rooms set aside for this property. A third high speed quad, the Paradise Express lift, provides access to the trails in this area, as well as the resort's NASTAR course and a ski-cross course for a couple of years, the ski-cross course was the location of a terrain park. Some of the first lifts included a t-bar at the base area. Riblet constructed a double chairlift called Twister in to supplement the Silver Queen Gondola. Or, you can make your reservations online at www. Out of the base, two learning lifts - Peachtree and Westwall - provide access to beginner and low-intermediate terrain. Please make your reservations prior to May 11 for best rates and availability. It should also be noted that most of the chutes off this t-bar require riding Silver Queen and the High Lift. However, since it operates very sporadically, it is often necessary for people to use Silver Queen for roundtrip skiing on these trails. In , Crested Butte entered the high speed lift market, replacing the Silver Queen bubble double with a high speed quad. To the north of Red Lady is another small peak containing both of Crested Butte's triple chairlifts. This quad provides access to intermediate trails in the Paradise Bowl, as well as access to the North Face. Other opening lifts included a Doppelmayr T-Bar that serviced the training hill on Buckley. A fixed-grip quad, Prospect, was also constructed in the Painter Boy area to open up new terrain in the area east of Gold Link and provide ski-in-ski-out access. We do not have a room block at this location but there is plenty of availability. In , Crested Butte constructed a top-to-bottom gondola from the base area to near where the bottom of the High Lift is today. Nordic Inn The Nordic Inn is a beautiful property located near the base of the mountain. It also provides access to terrain on all other parts of the mountain as well. In , the Keystone triple was replaced with a high speed quad, and the original triple was relocated to the East River area. In , Poma constructed a triple chairlift running out of the base area called the Keystone lift, servicing beginner and low intermediate trails on the lower slopes of the mountain. From the top of Silver Queen, skiers and riders can also take a catwalk to Paradise Bowl or access a number of south-facing chutes on this part of the mountain, including Forest and Peel. Crested Butte features larger hotels as well larger rental homes. Serviced by the East River Express lift, it is composed primarily of additional blue trails with names like Floresta and Black Eagle, as well as continuations of a number of trails from Paradise Bowl, but also has a number of mogul runs.


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