Signs of a physcopath

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I have often heard stories of men ignoring their partner, even after causing such distress that she has taken to self-harm or attempts to take her own life. He will show no emotions as she tries to take her own life. The true victim will stop functioning on all levels as the mind games take over her life. The abuser will not talk to the victim when in control mode and when he does he will constantly lead the victim into a false sense of security at leisure, only to ignore again. The moment that you allow someone to be inconsistent, you are allowing your expectations to be managed down.

Signs of a physcopath

The victim may start behaving irrationally from the stress caused by the mental abuse. To deliberately cause harm to someone by use of the silent treatment, deny a person any emotional care, deny them any praise, starve them of love, affection, compliments, positive feed back, to regularly reject, degrade and deny a person any emotional responsiveness and to ignore a persons needs is mental abuse or also known as psychological abuse. Your client, the target, has probably had every aspect of his or her life disrupted: Sometimes, however, the target gets wise to the sociopath, and wants to end the involvement. Involvement with a sociopath is like living in a black hole of chaos. The promises, the thinly veiled hints about things they see you both doing in the future and the intensity, blinds you to paying attention to red flags and sweeps you off your feet. Sociopaths are always on the lookout for people they can use. At this point, some sociopaths become enraged at the possibility of losing control, and set out to crush the target. He is then seen as the wonderful soul who is good enough to tolerate such a manic person in a relationship. Someone who was once a lively, happy and fun person to be around turns into a whole new personality and becomes withdrawn, reclusive or maybe verbally aggressive to the abuser in a vain bid to stop the abuse of the mind. A common perception is that sociopaths are all deranged serial killers. They often acknowledge in their own minds that the victim is suffering but do nothing about it, walk away and simply ignore it. How do these entanglements happen? The point is that sociopaths intentionally use manipulation and deceit to hook their target. The abuser will happily share the text messages because he wants everyone to see him as the victim. They will have their partner labelled a mental case whilst he plays the victim and saint and makes her the subject of of every ones rejection by labelling her with an unbalanced mind. Ignoring a partner may also be a sign of infidelity or a man who is not in control of his own emotions and shuts down. Do you really know the person standing next to you? You can feel them pulling away, possibly because the feeling is familiar. When they pull away and you stop chasing them, they chase you back and then when you respond, they pull away. Every time the silent treatment begins the victim is pulled further and further down and the abuser sits back and carries on with daily chores, blatantly ignoring the victim whom is obviously so distressed that no normal thinking individual person could or would sit back and watch such a shocking display of suffering. They continue the manipulation and deceit to keep the exploitation going, bleeding the target until there is nothing left. She may well go to the extremes to try and make it up to her man because she has been slowly drawn in and is now under his mind control. To ignore someone as a regular means to punish, hurt or upset someone as payback or for whatever reason, is in my opinion and the opinions of experts to be considered, one of the worst forms of mental abuse that exists in human nature. Sociopaths engage in calculated seduction. They will offer him advice and he will feed off their pity which will make him feel even more in control as he plays the victim.

Signs of a physcopath

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  1. Sadly this form of abuse has seen the deaths of women who self-harmed or taken their lives when their cries for help are ignored by the abuser.

  2. The male abusers friends will only see their charming friend who they all love because he will do anything for them but seldom do his friends or family witness what he is doing to his partner.

  3. How do these entanglements happen? The person who blows hot and cold thrives on control and equates feeling out of control with desire.

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