Scars heal glory fades

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In the week leading up to the task it seemed that time was flying by, one minute he was eating breakfast in the Great Hall, the next minute he was returning to the common room after researching spells in the library. Sirius was not about to try to separate the two, he could never betray Harry like that, but he was going to keep a close eye on them, especially when Harry was keeping an eye on her, which was most of the time. Suddenly his mind's eye was filled with images of Ginny, and his feelings for her. Who dodged all of them, but not very quickly as he used his wand to deflect the last two. The first champion to touch the cup will receive full marks. Which was why Sirius Black was hiding out in Hogsmeade; only three people knew he was there, Dumbledore, Harry, and one other.

Scars heal glory fades

He rounded another corner and saw it, another hundred or so yards and he would have it. Glory fades And all we're left with are the memories made, oh yeah Pain hurts, but only for a minute Life is short so go on and live it Cause the chicks dig it Oh yeah Just throw caution to the wind my friend And then sit back and watch your life begin, cause Scars heal Harry suspected that the life-threatening challenge in front of him was the only reason he wasn't being hexed badly. In the week leading up to the task it seemed that time was flying by, one minute he was eating breakfast in the Great Hall, the next minute he was returning to the common room after researching spells in the library. Pain hurts, but only for a minute Yeah, life is short so go on and live it 'Cause the chicks dig it. It was almost startling the way he was always standing in the shadows, waiting, watching, ready to react to the threat at a moments notice; and it had saved both of their lives several times, and was probably the only reason that Lily had had time to save Harry as a baby, because he had bought it for her. There was no way that he wasn't going to have backup around when whoever was pulling the strings finally made their move, and so much the better if his backup just happened be one of the best fighters in the world, with a staggering record from the American Magical Combat Force. Glory fades And all we're left with are the memories made Pain hurts, but only for a minute Yeah life is short so go on and live it It don't matter if you lose or if you win it Hey the chicks dig it Oh yeah. Not Ginny herself; Sirius knew the Weasley's, he knew that they were good, loving people, and exactly what Harry needed, also he had never seen Harry happier then the last time they had met, only a few weeks after the two had started dating, and he was really looking forward to meeting the young witch today. Harry didn't even think they were doing it on purpose any more, as they seemed genuinely annoyed when interrupted. It might have sounded weird to others, but, at times, Ginny could be almost like a mother to him, it was the way she was always able to calm him down, make him feel better, and make him forget what he was worrying about. He knew that no one was coming to watch him, the Dursley's wouldn't be caught dead anywhere near Hogwarts, but he was going to anyway. Harry and Ginny made their way back up to the school, enjoying the time alone, just being together and fooling around, making the walk take much longer than it needed to be. He trusts me, and I trust him so don't ask me what I know about him that you don't. Knowing Hagrid there where sure to be some large, dangerous creatures in the maze, but Harry had yet to see anything but hedge rows. Sirius wasn't sure how he felt about his godson being wrapped around his girlfriend's finger, but if Harry was happy, he was happy. After about five minutes of running, and encountering nothing, Harry began to wonder if he wasn't going in circles; surely he should have run into something by now? Surprisingly they still had a few hours until Harry and Ginny needed to be back, so they spent the remainder of the afternoon more garrulously, exchanging news, and Harry enduring much teasing from Sirius about his girlfriend, and the fact that, as Sirius put it: Both Marauders had quickly learned that the Americans took things very seriously, no hesitation to train killers to take out Dark Wizards. It wasn't that Sirius didn't have faith in his godson, Harry had gotten himself out of more trouble then Sirius and James combined had managed to get into. Potter spent looking at Ginny M. He would have to remember it for later, but this was, unfortunately, a business call, not a social one. To his immense surprise, he found Mrs. I don't suppose you'd be surprised to learn that Ginny is almost exactly like you mum was at that age? Weasley became apparent as the couple tried to walk down the road towards the large black dog, but was constantly impeded by Harry, who was bumping into things due to his lack of concentration on anything other than Ginny. Weasley, Bill, and Charlie waiting for him.

Scars heal glory fades

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