Scariest places in north carolina

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Using the slave staircase it's that old , which is the only way to get up to that part of the house when it's locked, they found the entire banquet room had been ransacked. Many of the students say that on the four floor at night while they are in their rooms they can hear balls bouncing. In a seemingly random twist, a phantom orange cat without a head has been seen dashing through the Gardens and across Bass Pond. There will be handprints all over the car, also. One day, the raft flipped over in the rain-swollen river and all of the convicts died except one because they were chained together. Charlotte - North West Middle School - It is said that the school is haunted by a ghost of a girl named Sadie from the 's.

Scariest places in north carolina

Raleigh - Old Bridge - At This bridge is believed to be haunted by the spirits of a Mexican family, who's car ran off the bridge. The X-Files even featured the strange story on an episode in The early American Indians created the designs on the cliffs while they were on their way to the nearby healing waters of Hot Springs, which they thought to be a sacred site. Concord - Piney Grove Church - An abandoned church, that was left with everything still there They say there was a baby and her mom staled the car. The building currently houses offices for another one of the University's departments and is locked after 5pm. His wife was extremely upset. A car apparently hit her and now she hitches rides home from the bridge. The historic site is the setting for strange occurrences, like the sound of ghostly children playing in the empty attic or slamming doors. These two sisters where killed in an auto accident when they where nearing the bridge and ran over the side. It has relocated from where it was originally established Witnesses say Emily plays pranks like turning electrical things on and off or causing Sabiston in the s, it is believed he still haunts the place to this day. Siler City - The Devil's Tramping Ground - It is a patch of land in a perfect circle- 40 feet across, the perimeter of which is a path about a foot wide. Pittsboro - Devil's Tramping Ground - When you go you have to stay the night! On the 50th anniversary, a woman reported seeing the scene replayed in front of her in the form of ghostly images. One teacher had some students there to help with a project one night. Students also say that they have come into their rooms to find their clothes thrown everywhere. He was kileld instantly, but she, badly injured, died on the roadside while trying to flag down help. Officers and other workers in the building used to hear and see things. Lydia was headed home from a dance in the early s, and as her story goes, her date lost control of the car. Pauls - Civil War House - people say they have seen lights on in the house and it has been abandoned for more than ten years. The students met after completing the search and began to leave when they heard running footsteps and voices coming down the stairs. No one has yet been able to definitively explain the source or reason for these Voices and sounds abound here, and other ghosts are suspected to call the building home. Now door slam shut and thing are moved.

Scariest places in north carolina

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  1. Raeford Memorial Center - Doorways seem to disappear after you pass through them and you can hear fleeting whispers and see shadows and mists out of the corner of your eye.

  2. There are also reports of the sound of doors slamming shut when there is no possible explanation for this, although no doors have ever been seen shutting on their own.

  3. The third-floor girls' bathroom is haunted by a male ghost, and the apparition of a girl in white has been seen Another story posted on www.

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