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Astounding position over the crashing waves. If you get trapped by big waves climb Jumbo Shrimp to the top of the bluff. The routes face due north early morning shade and in winter can take a long time to dry after being hit with sea spray, so it can be very smarmy. It faces more East than any of the other South Side walls, therefore it goes into the shade first; about 1: Climb pockets and edges, clip 4, then sneak right. The draws to his left are on Date-less. Belay Bolts A good number of routes have hard starts and very high first bolts that are intended to be stick-clipped. A very tall boulder problem. Wear sunscreen and a sun-hat that has a brim all the way around not a ball cap , and plan to climb in the shade.


Turn left on the road, and walk about 1. Top anchor bolts are hard to see from above, under a small overhang. A Houdini route, the moves are never quite what they seem. Slide a piece or two of garden hose in the shed at Bluff View over one end of your rappel rope and then anchor it to a tree or thread use slings on the top of the bluff. The far left route. Climb on the outside edges. Establish rope signals see below or make other arrangements to communicate with your partner before rappelling over the edge Always evaluate the surf conditions before rappelling. Sadly, the hole in the side plates is too small to pass the gate of the revolver through, so I had to go back to another biner and micro pulley. Then swing over to join Sirius for the last two clips. About 15 minutes driving from Bluff View. The first two routes start on a small terrace left of a large, orange undercut section of wall that contains a multi-tiered cave system. Same start as Tufa One. The white holds in white rock can be hard to find. Starts just right of an obvious rock shelf. Enter a rest cavern with optional thread. Shares the anchor with Crossing. The routes are characterized by square-edges, tufas and pockets with distinct, and usually short, cruxes. Throw up the big pockets on the blank arete, then up the beautiful flowstone. Going right earlier is slightly easier but sharp. The result is dry crisp edges and excellent friction on excellent stone. Starts at a fence post set in concrete that marks the property line. Tricky bulge leads to easier pocket and tufa climbing on orange streaked rock. The tree is off-root! These are often tucked into pockets or depressions to keep them out of the elements. A TI the route description means it has titanium bolts.


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  1. Ernie, who lives in the last house on the left opposite the chicken coops , will come out and yell at you. Routes described from left to right when facing the cliff.

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