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Use a repeater that is dedicated for the type of data you want to present and the way you want it presented, i. Late s to Early s. The shank also has a forged-in code "HM.. To assist with this extended product transition, the Streamlined wrenches were given new E-series model numbers with the sizes encoded in 32nds. The "O" year code indicates production in


D Ford Brake Wrench In later years a double-square broaching became the preferred form for Ford brake wrenches, and Bonney updated the model number from to D This adjustment should be made in calm sea with no effect from wind or tidal current. This wrench is of later production and the forged-in code was no longer legible after the finishing process. The shank also has a forged-in code "LU" visible at the left. As long as the wires are fairly thin this should cause any problems. These pliers are described by patent 2,, , issued to J. The finish is chrome plating with polished faces, with some losses due to wear and rust. The "N" year code indicates production in We'll call this the "Outline" design, for lack of a better term. The shank has forged-in markings "8In. Based on these considerations, this example was probably made in or , with a forging die adapted from the original CV forging shown in the previous figure. The panelled shank has forged-in markings on both sides, with "Bonney U. Page 51 Calibrate by speed over ground With a GPS connected to the system, the speed may be automatically set identical to the speed over ground value. The wrench is marked "U. The older Zenel tools sometimes had a "Z" prefix, but the base model numbers were different so that there were no number collisions. If you followed Step 2. Servo cables come in two common color schemes: The "V" year code and CV marking indicate production in To do so I simply cut it in a few places and them using a hobby knife of a sharp screwdriver to pry the pieces out. The tools had somewhat simplified designs and markings, and were given model numbers with a "Z" prefix. Optional bypass capacitors between Vcc and Ground Conclusion At the end of this process you should end up with a unit that looks something like the first picture. The refrigeration ratchet models were identical except for the opening in the drive gear. Since by now the reader should be very familiar with the different types of wrenches, the examples in this section will be grouped by the design style rather than by functional type. The "W" year code indicates production in The Vcc line can be soldered to the nearby Vcc pin but there is no Ground pin on this side of the board. In the s Bonney established an economy line of tools with the brand name "Bon-E-Con".


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