Piercing gaze

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Ki Stand If an opponent knocks you down, you swiftly rebound with an attack. Eyes of Judgment The true motives of creatures cannot escape your discerning gaze. Your familiar has this evolution. He was wearing a bulletproof vest when he was hit in the chest, and was initially listed as seriously wounded but his condition deteriorated quickly. A flare spell causes a creature that takes fire or electricity damage from the affected spell to become dazzled for a number of rounds equal to the actual level of the spell.

Piercing gaze

Slayer Ex At 17th level, an inquisitor learns to focus her judgment. A weapon that inflicts damage of either type overcomes this damage reduction. The rage lasts as long as the battle or 1 minute, whichever is shorter. You transfer that power into a small potion that any creature can drink to temporarily gain the benefit of your bloodline power. Cha 15, Eldritch Heritage , character level 11th. When you cast a bard spell that deals damage, you may replace the spell's normal damage with fire damage or split the spell's damage so that half of it is the normal damage type and half is fire damage. A creature with blindsense is still denied its Dexterity bonus to Armor Class against attacks from creatures it cannot see. Fear Aura Su The use of this ability is a free action. She can only use one of these at any given time. The creature must make a Climb check to climb any wall or slope with a DC higher than 0, but it can always choose to take 10, even if rushed or threatened while climbing. Evolved Familiar Your familiar is different from others of its kind. Whenever an inquisitor uses her judgment ability, she must select one type of judgment. These emotions make it difficult for spellcasters to cast spells with the emotion component. If the empyreal lord is chaotic or lawful, these attacks also count as that alignment for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. A creature that is immune does not suffer from these effects, or any secondary effects that are triggered due to an immune effect. On a failed save, the opponent is shaken, or panicked if 4 HD or fewer. On a failure, the negative level becomes permanent. Summon Demons Sp Three times per day as a swift action , a demon lord can summon any demon or combination of demons whose total combined CR is 20 or lower. Except where noted here, fast healing is just like natural healing. The familiar must conform to any limitations of the evolution. Although it is not a magical attack, holy water can affect incorporeal undead. Once per day, you can treat your class level for your judgment class feature as if it were 3 higher than normal. The amount of damage is given in the creature's entry and is typically equal to the amount of damage caused by the creature's melee attack. Damage Reduction Ex or Su A creature with this special quality ignores damage from most weapons and natural attacks. The inquisitor uses her level as her effective cleric level when determining the power and effect of her domain powers.

Piercing gaze

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  1. True Judgment Su At 20th level, an inquisitor can call true judgment down upon a foe during combat. A creature with an alignment subtype chaotic, evil, good, or lawful can overcome this type of damage reduction with its natural weapons and weapons it wields as if the weapons or natural weapons had an alignment or alignments that matched the subtype s of the creature.

  2. You must have Skill focus in the class skill that bloodline grants to a sorcerer at 1st level for example, Heal for the celestial bloodline. This includes the first check to establish the grapple such as when using the grab universal monster rule.

  3. A creature is immune to its own breath weapon unless otherwise noted. Discern Lies Sp At 5th level, an inquisitor can discern lies , as per the spell, for a number of rounds per day equal to her inquisitor level.

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