Packwood swap meet

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I bet it's as great a ride today as it was on its first ride. The only maker's mark is "Guaranteed California Stock" with a number 40 above it. The tooling on the saddle consists of a design commonly thought of as a swastika. It was made for a man named Orville Adams and purchased from a farm in Iowa. They're a great example of the undercut swells that were popular at the time. The saddle is well crafted with attractive tooling and is still in great riding shape.

Packwood swap meet

The large Mexican-style horn is wrapped with black rubber for dallying. It has no makers mark. Megan has it hanging in her home as decoration. Lee fully restored the saddle and rides it daily as an Educational Living History Re-enactor. It's built for they more narrow backed horse of that era, rather than the broader stiockier horses of today. What a great piece of family history. Dave has retired it to a place of honor on a custom-made cedar log stand in his living room, but it looks to me like it has many more miles left in it. They're aren't too many chubby working cowboys! The Harpham Brothers began operation in Lincoln, Nebraska in Amy has this saddle on display in her home. Different strokes for different folks. Many a mile on this saddle great old. It's still in very good condition and sits on display in her office. He was told by the seller that it was made in Texas and was used in a movie. He has put some elbow grease into cleaning the saddle and it's now quite a looker. Goes to show you that new-fangled techniques have nothing over old time craftsmanship. Cindy has spotted an illustration of a saddle that looks remarkably similar to this one in one of Stohlman's books. Jim believed the saddle is from around to , and that looks to be a good guess. Either way, it's a very handsome saddle with a fascinating hand-tooled pioneer theme. At home, Dana comes down with the flu , followed by the other kids, and they make Frank their butler. It should be a great ride. She's given it a deep cleaning to bring out its beauty. It has repairs, but they even appear to be quite old. She then proceeded to have this saddle completely rebuilt by Doug Davis of Gervas, Oregon. Doug believes the saddle dates to before the depression. The saddle belonged to Kellie's friend's grandparents who had purchased it from the George Lawrence Co.

Packwood swap meet

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  1. Vicki senses an American origin and that it could be from as early as the 's. While it's in rough shape, it's a family treasure.

  2. He was told by the seller that it was made in Texas and was used in a movie. The horn has inlaid tiny pieces of wood, probably mesquite.

  3. It's built for they more narrow backed horse of that era, rather than the broader stiockier horses of today.

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