Pace laurel canyon

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He loves the Seared Hawaiian bigeye tuna. The former ill-lit basement serving indifferent food has been replaced by a spiffy Italian restaurant. Small advice to the management: And the olives and nuts. Great farm to table fare. In those days, Pace's premises were a late-night hangout of last resort for those Angelenos who would rather make the trek up the canyon than end their evening before midnight.

Pace laurel canyon

My fave is the flourless homemade woven chocolate cake. Get the chocolate souffle for dessert. Bravo January 27, A relaxing atmosphere with rustic and organic Italian cuisine. When I arrived there for dinner with a group of friends the other night, I was astonished to recognize the parking valet and even more astonished that he remembered me from a couple of decades back. Klara Licht October 19, Cute place with great atmosphere and delicious Italian food and wine. It's not gourmet food, or 'fine dining', thank goodness, but it's tasty and geuine. Bollare November 28, Kevin M. Well, that Laurel Canyon has gone, the scruffy little houses have all been shined up with granite kitchens and parked BMWs. Fantastic wine and Italian food with crayons to color with. Navin February 2, Romantic spot, try the Mamma G's homemade pork sausage pizza and the lamb shank, both were fantastic! Valeria Kholostenko February 3, Lobster ravioli gets two big thumbs up! Gourmet pizza, romantic retro vibe. Try the chocolate souffle if you're craving a nice dessert. Showtime Network June 18, Pace is a great Italian restaurant that is humble and romantic tucked away in Laurel Canyon. Wow was that good! Patrick Auger August 29, Great atmosphere and pasta. Shawn Kormondy August 17, Great atmosphere! Jim Morrison's old house is catty corner to the restaurant and has been re-modeled out of all recognition — and so has the restaurant. No wait, plenty of tables. Great food and quaint. Little gem tucked away on Laurel Canyon. The former ill-lit basement serving indifferent food has been replaced by a spiffy Italian restaurant. Mimi Mayer July 17, love this place!!! November 18, Come Sundays at noon before a holiday. Scott Allen March 20, One of few places that makes a real chocolate souffle, not a molten lava cake!

Pace laurel canyon

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