Only steers and queers

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Then again, what duh heck. Oh, what duh heck: Who wants to be in a bloody institution? Call them ideologies, like the ancient Egyptians. Maybe they oughtta have their chance at failure, too.

Only steers and queers

Forever usually turns out to last about as long as the weekend. So, like a Xmas fruit cake, I can keep passing it around — just like another sexually transmitted disease. Gay people should definitely be allowed to get married. But enlightenment was provided me this past Sunday at the Christian Stronghold Church in West Philadelphia, where this Jew has been enjoying, for the past 4 years, the Saturday nite parties they throw every Sunday morning. Marriage is only about taxes and inheritance and money and property rights. So, whaddaya wanna hear from me? Marriage, itself, was no doubt initiated by some Babbitt scheming to reroute the flow of money. It is man who has lost his moral compass and pursued moral disorder. In life, especially my life, marriage seems to be nothing more than a rather comic intermission from the parade of blunt force concussions, divorce, alimonys and bedpans. Oh, what duh heck: So why not give the LBGT and others a shot? We can all get divorces. I have an STD. Maybe they oughtta have their chance at failure, too. Look at Western Europe. If you still think, these days, that marriage is a great institution, then you ought to be asking yourself: They twisted and nodded their beatific faces at Harvey and my opposite directions to pleasantly assess our weekly parrying. Then again, what duh heck. Who wants to be in a bloody institution? Yeah, but of course! Look at the avarice, malice and moral debauchery everywhere on the map. How much worse can it get? Better than our rapacious banks and governments do it today. He simply, and rather poetically for Harvey, explained that G-d has given us the moral order and the Free Will to choose from the beginning. Whatever you call them, they are the same in any time, or place, or religion. Just look at Wall Street. I do think marriage is a sacred union between a man and a pregnant woman.

Only steers and queers

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  1. It is we who have chosen to disobey His Word, equivocate, inflict our social injustices and our inhumanity on one another.

  2. Look, anyone who wants to get married deserves to know that hell is nothing but opening your eyes in the morning.

  3. So, whaddaya wanna hear from me? It is man who has lost his moral compass and pursued moral disorder.

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