Okcupid dataset

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Some men and women listed their highest level of education as space camp. He taught middle school math for five years in city schools. Conclusions and Further Questions Although this data proved fun and interesting, it offers limited business insights. Differences can also be seen in the way men women wrote about themselves. Equipped with a Masters in

Okcupid dataset

Each profile contains information on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, education, physical features, and more for a total of 31 possible features. Both groups like good food and good music. My first step was to clean this up so I could analyze the population by groups. Some men and women listed their highest level of education as space camp. For some features, such as ethnicity and offspring, users are allowed to pick multiple responses, making the data messy. This dataset was scraped from active profiles containing at least one photo in June and made available to the public. More and more people are uploading profiles to attract a special someone. Asians, Hispanics, women, and gay people are particularly underrepresented on the website. Income, height, and age are the only available numeric features, making much of the data categorical. I focused on ethnicity, religion, astrological sign, offspring, and pets. Much remains the same across gender lines, except that men seem to be taller. Equipped with a Masters in Observations with multiple ethnicities listed were categorized as "multiethnic" unless the only additional ethnicity was "other", in which case the ethnicity was stemmed to the primary category. What insights can these curated self-portraits provide? As shown below, they were also more likely than gay and straight people to be agnostic or atheist or ascribe to some "other" belief system. Conclusions and Further Questions Although this data proved fun and interesting, it offers limited business insights. Interestingly, this group showed significant differences from the general population. First, we can look at the typical male and female by aggregating the most common responses for each category. According to the data, this group was also more likely use drugs and own cats. The graph below shows the distribution of salary among men and women. For certain categories, many people opted to keep information private. In a word cloud analysis of the most commonly used items that men and women "just cannot live without," it seems that women care more about love, books and coffee while men enjoy the internet. We can say, however, that based on the ethnic and gender makeup of the profiles, OkCupid is missing out on potential members in the San Francisco area. However, younger age groups are more diverse than older age groups, indicating this inadequate representation may change. Other interesting topics to explore would be message and reply rates by certain groups and why some users fail to stick with the site or even complete a profile. Further research should still be conducted.

Okcupid dataset

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