Narcissistic love triangles and emotional unavailability

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I also agree with Dr. He talked about going out for dinner, a concert or some other event with her. A few months later Andrea called to say that John had chosen her the night before but that now he was in the bathroom crying. There is a lot of role playing and everyones role changes from time to time. Nothing has hurt and exhausted me more during my time with Mr. I suddenly realized that there were thousands of unresolved issues between the two of them, and that they drew me into their fucked-up mess of a relationship.

Narcissistic love triangles and emotional unavailability

Emotionally abusing two women at the same time, disrespecting them, lying to them and playing them like puppets on a string is just plain disgusting and it makes me angry to the point where I almost want to start screaming. While back then I was convinced that she was indeed the crazy, hateful and jealous person that he described her as, I now think that she is also a victim of his sick manipulation and mindfuckery and that he turned her into this hysteric, crazy mess. He could have put an end to all that drama by treating both of us with honesty and by dissolving all the ambiguities. Then, in separate sessions, I suggested to Andrea and Sandra that they both leave John if he did not make a choice and stick to it. Go home, I suggested. As it turned out the professional therapists at the clinic did no better than I. Yes, it was true, his exgirlfriend was indeed behaving unreasonably, desperately and hatefully. I almost threw up, when she told me on the phone that she was convinced that he was having sex with his sister: Even if you are married with kids, walk away until your partner gets into recovery and gives up his, or her, penchant for multiple partners. He continously mentioned her name, wrote text messages to her while spending time with me, adjusted his life to her schedule, was constantly worried about her feelings and always complaining about her jealousy, craziness and totalitarian behavior. Finally, I did an intervention. After his divorce he dated up to five women at a time. I am following them now. Unfortunately, this is not how you heal the wounds of childhood. Andrea is my choice. This, too, is often tied in with the early Oedipus experience in which the child is trying to get the parent she adores to choose her over the other parent. Back then I was so brainwashed and confused by his sick games that I naturally believed his ex to be the hateful and spiteful person he had labelled her as. I feel very strongly about this issue and it will still take me a long time to heal and get over it. Later the same day he posted intimate looking pictures of the two of them on Google Plus. I caught him with Sandra. He had too much fun watching both of us suffer on his account to do just that. After three weeks at the center John was supposed to bring Andrea to family week because she was, supposedly the one he had chosen and, by the way, was paying the bill. Most people dont seek them out at least not consciously. Codependent love addicts also known as relationships addicts are constantly trying to fix a relationship. I hope that having survived such an intense level of ambiguity and mindfuckery has turned me into a stronger person that will never allow something like this to happen again. The most frustrating part of it was that during the time we dated, we never once went out to a special event together:

Narcissistic love triangles and emotional unavailability

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