My boyfriend is unemployed

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Things may seem difficult when your boyfriend is unemployed, but pointing that crystal-clear fact out to him probably won't be seen as encouraging. They don't need to hear about a lunch you had with an old fired colleague, or a spinning class you took, or what was happening on Oprah that day. It makes sense that after a full day of applications, resumes and phone calls, both you and your boyfriend could use some "normal" downtime. You never know when he might meet just the right person to hire him for the next step in his career. It's like an anvil around your neck getting in the way of you getting a job. Remember Self-Care A partner's job loss can be difficult for the working person in the relationship who may be supporting the non-working partner. Ask "What would you like for dinner?

My boyfriend is unemployed

Being depressed means you're normal. Are your parents driving you crazy with the questions, and every night your mate comes home wondering what you were doing all day while they were carrying the load for the whole family? Apply skills of active listening when communicating with your boyfriend. According to the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, unemployment is associated with a host of chronic psychological and physical health problems such as depression, anxiety and gastrointestinal problems. How many resumes did you send out today? He has tried everything. It makes sense that after a full day of applications, resumes and phone calls, both you and your boyfriend could use some "normal" downtime. Follow me on Twitter Workplace Guru and add me on Facebook or email me at: Help your boyfriend create a weekday routine that involves getting up in the morning and heading out. Depression is an appropriate emotion for hard times, and should not be a surprise. If, however, you have a lot of free time, consider finding an activity that can keep you busy and offers your boyfriend fewer distractions. So I have created my "Top Ten Bulletproof Your Relationship Tips for the Unemployed" to keep your family, spouses and partners at bay until you find a job. Use this time to connect with your friends or family to continue to keep your emotions lifted. Tell and more importantly show them about every rejection letter and phone call you have received to elicit sympathy and show you are making an effort. Instead, taking a positive approach can give both you and your boyfriend a buffer against depression, physical illness and problems coping with stress. Instead, you get your butt out of bed and get to work making coffee and a tasty breakfast if you have to. When both of you start your day, let your boyfriend know that you have a plan to relax with him later in the day, giving him something he can keep in mind while working on finding a job. But never mind that. Instead, provide an objective listening ear. It's like an anvil around your neck getting in the way of you getting a job. According to the University of Colorado website in an article on active listening, the technique is accomplished by listening intently, clarifying what is being said and refraining from judgment. Article can be duplicated in part of full without author's permission. I bet you feel demoralized, helpless, frustrated, embarrassed and just plain pissed. Had you bought the book already schmuck, you would have kept your job while everyone else around you dropped like flies. Collins recommends having creative dates or taking a week-long break from talking and thinking about unemployment. Always get up, out of bed, and dressed before your partner.

My boyfriend is unemployed

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