Movies like guardians of the galaxy

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Iron SkyIf history, and Marvel, has taught us anything, it's that Nazi scientists were geniuses The parallel is enough that someone has already of course redone the trailer for The Usual Suspects to be more like the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy see below. ExplorersThis '80s teens-in-space classic is endearing to the inner child in everyone. Interestingly enough, it involves crime-fighting superheroes, one of which is a very crass talking raccoon. The Iron Giant is not the most eloquent speaker, but he has a better vocabulary than Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Movies like guardians of the galaxy

In that way, it shares some things in common with Guardians. Because we're helpful like that, we pulled together an out-of-this-world list of off-kilter space movies we think GOTG fans would enjoy to help tide you over until the next adventure with Marvel's intergalactic a-holes. Many are well-known yet few are really part of any conversation these days. Enemy MineRodney King famously asked, "Can't we all just get along? Ice PiratesIce Pirates is an underrated gem that deserves a lot more love than it gets for so many Forget the wannabes that Gholson mentions, because at times Guardians of the Galaxy is more Spaceballs than any of them. The film proved to be a hit, and a TV series is all set to follow-up the movie, with much of the original cast returning. Both characters are gentle giants who love children, with Groot showing his sensitive side when he offers a little girl a flower from his own flesh. But aside from binging on the comics and watching the film until you have every line committed to memory, how does one pass the time until ,when the Guardians sequel? Its main hero, Star-Lord Chris Pratt , is a guy who spent his first 10 years on Earth enjoying a lot of movies and music. And of course Guardians of the Galaxy is also reminiscent of the many followers of those two George Lucas productions. However, in contrast to its low critical rating, Spaceballs also has an 83 percent audience approval rating. The Voyage Home While Star Trek movies are not usually considered comedies, this lighthearted film has long been recognized as the odd man out in the franchise. Below are 13 movies that I think you ought to be familiar with before or after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. Let us know in the comments. The action in the latest Marvel movie sort of takes a back seat — at least in terms of us caring about the stakes — to the distinctively goofy tone. Thanks to the premise, the show regularly deals with space, aliens, time travel, and lots of comedic and action-packed adventures. August 18, Mantis in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Thanks to their proclivities, any Suicide Squad team is going to resemble a darker version of the Guardians. Iron SkyIf history, and Marvel, has taught us anything, it's that Nazi scientists were geniuses Well, Cherry is a scifi-sex-com Once upon a time, Hollywood was a place that had a bad habit of underappreciating Joss And back then, just as now, the character was also a large being from outer space who had a little friend who sat on his shoulder. I could have tossed it to the side along with the Maltese Falcon allusion but this is in need of further address if only because the remake has probably taken over as the go-to version for young moviegoers. He definitely would have seen it.

Movies like guardians of the galaxy

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