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For best results, secure quotes from several metals dealers — both online and storefront. Along with selling items in consignment stores, which offer owners a percentage of the final price, individuals can opt to advertise locally on Facebook, Craigslist. You also can exchange gift cards for cash at Coinstar Exchange kiosks in grocery stores. Sites such as uSell. Start by visiting sites like AbeBooks.


You can find an appraiser through Appraisers. Savings Bonds You might have received — or even purchased — savings bonds decades ago only to forget about them completely. They are then sent pre-paid shipping boxes. Additionally, you can sell used video games at retailers such as GameStop, which will pay cash or give you store credit to buy more hours of fun. Additionally, you can sell antiques at EBTH. Appliance Parts Small appliances that are old or broken can still have value, Greutman said. Denny said china is a popular item sold on EBTH. You also can sell musical instruments online through sites such as Reverb. However, she acknowledges that the current market for silver is a difficult one. Sites such as uSell. Sporting Goods Denny said that outdoor sporting goods, such as bicycles, canoes and fishing gear, tend to sell well on EBTH. Fortunately, sites such as Gazelle and NextWorth. In particular, buyers are willing to pay top dollar for anything rare or in limited supply, Denny said. If you have several smaller toys to sell, Greutman advises requesting a box from Swap. For best results, consider having your items appraised to determine how valuable they are. AbeBooks also brokers sales. You can use the Treasury Hunt tool at Treasuryhunt. One of the easiest ways to unload your used clothing for cash is to sell items on consignment. Check to see if you have any first edition books and books autographed by authors to start, said Denny of EBTH, as these items could be good sources of hidden cash. At the present time, buyers might get more money selling silver pieces for scrap than at a consignment store or through an auction house. Thredup sellers can earn up to 80 percent of the marked price of their items. The above sites purchase gift cards for less than face value and then resell them at a discount. You can fill it with items and then ship it back to the company for free. According to Greutman, these toys fetch top dollar on eBay. She went on to remind sellers to erase the data on their computers prior to sending them.


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  1. Musical Instruments That guitar or drum set you bought years ago, because you thought you were going to start a band, can be turned into cash if your dreams of rockstardom never materialized.

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