K1 visa travel after marriage

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Otherwise, her K-1 visa will be deemed abandoned and the process will start all over. We, at Siam Legal, do not advise a K-1 holder to travel outside of the United States or to any outlying US possessions without first obtaining an advance parole travel document. There is an exception to this rule, but it would not apply to honeymooners. If you have any questions about the K-1 process, or decide that you need to leave the U. If you have not yet applied for adjustment of status via the I form you are not eligible for Advance Parole. Even a trip to Hawaii or Alaska involves some risk. The law is somewhat murky with regard to this question, but we advise not taking the risk.

K1 visa travel after marriage

Visiting Puerto Rico without obtaining advance parole could be construed as abandonment of the K-1 visa. You are not guaranteed to receive approval for the reentry permit after submitting the I If the marriage does not take place within 90 days or your fiance marries someone other than you the petitioner , your fiance will be required to leave the U. If she has already filed for adjustment of status, then she can file for advance parole at any time. This is because Advance Parole grants you a single reentry permit. Talk to a Lawyer. Conclusion K-1 visas allow for a single entry into the United States for the sole purpose of getting married. However, if your trip will last more than one calendar year, the USCIS may ask for additional paperwork. They do not need to obtain an "advance parole" travel document to re-enter the United States after traveling abroad. Even a trip to Hawaii or Alaska involves some risk. National Visa Center NVC further processes your case and transfers it to the consulate in fiance's home country. Green Card holders do not have any of these travel restrictions. This procedure is same for all other applicants applying for AOS. If you leave the U. Since the money is non-refundable, this would essentially leave you out several thousand dollars and barred from reentering the country. The short answer is yes. After marriage, your fiance now your spouse can apply for an Adjustment of Status to be able to live and work permanently in the U. If you have not yet applied for adjustment of status via the I form you are not eligible for Advance Parole. The free cruise is only available for one week, and it is before Abril is eligible for adjustment of status or Advance Parole. It is not advisable for a K-1 visa holder to travel to any US possession that is not an actual US state: An example of such a situation would be a sudden death in your family back home. If you still want to apply, the filing category is a 6. Border patrol is more strict than in the past and we advise you to avoid taking any unnecessary risks. If you apply too soon, they may have to do a manual verification by filing Form G with the USCIS which may add several weeks of delay. Of course, it is also possible to apply after you get EAD.

K1 visa travel after marriage

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