Jobs for displaced homemakers

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Just look at your toothpaste-whiter, brighter. Even your alumni association — no matter how long ago you graduated — is a stellar resource. Think about everything you did from juggling schedules to motivating volunteers to meeting quotas and deadlines. Thinking of making a comeback? A baby can do that to you, but so can a heart attack or other illness — yours or someone close to you. More and more, however, counseling services are in place to assist homemakers feeling their way into the world of profits and paychecks.

Jobs for displaced homemakers

Make sure your personal appearance matches the new you. One really easy way is through temping or consulting arrangements — taking temporary jobs at a variety of companies in a range of capacities, many of which have the possibility to turn into permanent positions. Instead of discounting your previous work history, look at it in a different light. Every skill you used for those tasks translates into a marketable job asset. Ask for leads on jobs and ask for other contacts. And the qualifier ''good'' shouldn't be overlooked. Another great way to meet people in your industry is to join a professional group. Your resume is likely out-of-date, industry practices might have changed significantly since you left and you might fear you can never compete with younger workers or those with a steady work history. You had to soothe feelings and deal with disparate personalities. These are busy people, so be very clear about your goals and what you hope they can do to help you. Remember that for an employer, new hires are costly — in time and money. The point is made, albeit tongue in cheek. Keep an eye on your skills and affiliations. That translates to fiscal responsibility, financial planning and reconciliation. Are you really ready to reenter the job market? This is often the least effective way to make a successful transition, unless you have financial security or something lined up. You want to be your own boss. And that was in spite of what she calls an ''incredible amount of volunteer experience'' with community clubs, travel groups, and her church - not to mention her many years as chief organizer and coordinator of a household of five that moved frequently as her husband's oil-industry job shifted from Libya to Rome to London and finally on to Houston. Many skills are widely transferable and valued in several industries. Just finding child care can be difficult, Donohue says. When switching careers, it is often beneficial to use a functional resume format, rather than the traditional chronological resume style. If that needs repackaging too, start early, so all your face-to-face contacts see the new you. Did You… Manage a household budget? See what obstacles you're putting in the way of your own progress. With all the information you gathered from your self-assessments, tweak your resume to include your transferable skills. Then came the arduous tasks:

Jobs for displaced homemakers

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  1. Examples include communication talents, creative problem-solving, time management, teamwork and leadership. The market for your current skills has dried up.

  2. You must focus on meeting people the same way you do in other aspects of life: Then, once you are face-to-face with an employer figure out ways to showcase your skills and successes through meaningful and relatable anecdotes.

  3. If you just got your massage therapy license, for instance, invite salon managers, gym trainers, or facialists who work in nearby spas. You want to be your own boss.

  4. You may also want to consider easing yourself back into the market. This kind of reinvention has the advantage of comfort level.

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