Is dwarfism considered a disability

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It is difficult to extrapolate behavior in general from these studies since they tended to use different tests, and the test results do not always overlap. Five of the studies found that children with short stature had academic achievement scores at or above the population norm. One study showed a relationship between increased severity of anemia and reduced height, and one study showed a trend toward increased severity of disease and decreased growth. Some studies were limited by unclear statistical analysis, lack of specific data included, or summary results. The studies reported conflicting results with one study reporting a positive association between increased severity and decreased height and the other study showing no association between increased severity and decreased height or height velocity. Often children with CGD experience a delayed onset of pubertal development and usually obtain normal or near normal adult height.

Is dwarfism considered a disability

Furthermore, the value of behavioral impairments for determining a child's level of disability is questionable. This corresponds to a value of 1. One group found abnormal pulmonary function in a small group of children with achondroplasia, and one found no significant abnormality in a smaller group of children with osteogenesis imperfecta. Typically, adults with dwarfism are 4 feet 10 inches or under. In two studies, achondroplasia patients scored lower than control groups, yet remained in the normal range. Six studies evaluated the association between severity of congenital heart diseases and height or height velocity in 1, children. However, one study found no difference in self-reported hearing function between children with a mix of skeletal dysplasias, including achondroplasia, and control children. Of the six studies that reported on hearing loss in children with skeletal dysplasia, only three performed objective hearing testing. There is no cure for dwarfism, but most little people live long, fulfilling lives. In general, behavior in the children with short stature was not significantly different from the controls. Furthermore, it is not clear how a decrease in visual-motor skill can be correlated with the SSA definition of disability. There was only one study with 81 subjects that looked at the relationship between growth retardation and cerebral palsy. Students with dwarfism may feel awkward or embarrassed around other students. Most studies in fact were looking at functional ability such as IQ or academic achievement. Disease severity was associated with height velocity among children with both Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis; however, height was not significantly associated with disease severity in any study. Given the limitations, the results do suggest that height and height velocity retardation is seen in children with severe congenital heart defects and may be a marker for more severe disease. Thus to find prevalence in the general population of individuals with skeletal dysplasias, it will be necessary to evaluate scoliosis and kyphosis in a group of unselected individuals with skeletal dysplasias. One study showed a relationship between increased severity of anemia and reduced height, and one study showed a trend toward increased severity of disease and decreased growth. Although such disabilities may cause social handicaps, most children receive a normal education. One poor quality study evaluated 14 children with short stature due to Russell-Silver syndrome for psychomotor development by the Denver Developmental Screening Test. Studies were limited by poorly defined samples, limited data and analysis, missing data and, frequently, by the fact that severity of disease was measured by steroid treatment. In the second study, those using systemic glucocorticoids were excluded from analysis. Children with FSS typically reach adult height consistent with their family background. However, the value of this finding in relation to disability is questionable since the children did eventually meet their developmental landmarks e. Future studies are needed to determine the significance of these findings.

Is dwarfism considered a disability

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  1. Some studies were limited by unclear statistical analysis, lack of specific data included, or summary results. Studies could be cross-sectional or longitudinal, prospective or retrospective, comparative or not.

  2. Association with limb range of motion. Further prospective longitudinal studies are needed to clarify whether growth velocity is affected by the severity of atopic dermatitis, or whether the apparent effect is related to steroid treatment.

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