How to wear a kafia

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It doesn't need to be perfect or crisp; in fact, kaffiyehs are made to drape loosely. The keffiyeh may look like a cool festival accessory or design print, but wearing it has political and cultural connotations to many, especially Palestinians both in the Middle East and in the global diaspora like myself. Step 9 Fold the scarf along the diagonal, leaving the scarf in a triangle. Traditional Way The last and common method is to wear the shemagh in the traditional way. Fold the cloth and create a triangle out of it. Color A light-colored shemagh is recommended if you plan to use it in a warm and sunny weather. If the wind has stopped, you can bring down the cover of your nose and mouth and put the keffiyeh on your neck.

How to wear a kafia

Lastly, a cotton keffiyeh can keep the temperature of your body constantly and protect you from heat or cold. He is a former board member of Arab Council Australia. Last year, as I attended a music festival in the English countryside, I noticed a handful of revellers wearing the scarf while smashing down cans of Strongbow or dancing in their wellies in the mud. Here are the steps: Step 7 Take one end and wind it around the back of the neck, draping the loose end over the shoulder to hang loose. Knot the two ends of the keffiyeh behind your head just right. Adjust the keffiyeh when necessary. Tie the two ends of the cloth. Be careful in using a shemagh in visiting Arab countries or if you wish to wear one to make a political statement. Tuck the end under the lower edge of the scarf. However, the real issue here is one of intent. Meanwhile, in , the peasants and the Palestinian villagers had the Arab Revolt against Zionist and British colonial forces. Tie the ends and tuck in the back, fluffing out the fullness of the scarf in front. There was a fellow international student, a Palestinian, who laid out and folded his black and white scarf on his desk at the end of a class. It is available in white, orange, and black colors. Arrange the drapes to suit. Step 1 Fold the shemagh scarf in half. It is also not a form of "showing appreciation" to that culture, as some would argue. The British high street giant quickly responded to accusations of cultural appropriation by rightly removing the item from their stock. Sometimes, investing money on a good product, which is manufactured by a trusted company can save you from hassle soon. Step 5 Fold the scarf in half loosely, or to a thickness that's comfortable under the chin. Fourth, it can be used as something else apart from body cover. It is indeed helpful if you need an additional and urgent bag when traveling. I was 21, and it was during my year of study abroad in France in Instead, purchase them from the very people whose culture it represents.

How to wear a kafia

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