How to deal with a psychopath boss

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When you walk out of a meeting, write down exactly what happened. Psycho bosses are paranoid. If you are faced with an abusive supervisor who is potentially damaging to both your health and career, careful maneuvering may be required. You have a coffee date set up, something will come up because the psychopath has some emergency. But in reality they need to feel superior. They believe they're the best person in the universe. But to a psychopath, hurting you is like kicking the chair, it doesn't matter. Offer alternatives without challenging authority.

How to deal with a psychopath boss

Make a note of any incident or inappropriate comment, including times and dates, who was present and exactly what transpired. Use email to clarify expectations. What suggestions do you have for dealing with a psycho boss? I remember finding out that other departments were trying to do a great job just like ours. You have a coffee date set up, something will come up because the psychopath has some emergency. Lack of empathy Gillespie says how a psychopath treats you could be described as workplace bullying, only it differs in frequency and approach. Everyone is a threat to a psycho boss, even you. Here Gillespie explains the criteria and some science-backed strategies for how to tackle them — and retain your sanity. They have no trouble doing it. He has a psycho boss. Clarity, trust, consistency, supportiveness, and stability help normalize psycho bosses. They believe they're the best person in the universe. Improvement always means change. As such, he has cultivated some tips for how to manage a psychopath in the workplace. Working on a superyacht is like being in a glamorized 'pressure cooker' Once you become an adult, you may presume your days of being pushed around by the schoolyard bully are over. Gillespie himself has met his fair share of psychopaths, mostly in the workplace. Not an emotional response, no sarcasm, just a clarification of the task that has been asked of you. What signs indicate a psycho boss is on the premises? Shutterstock Some sociopath bosses take their manipulation tactics further and are actually guilty of harassment in the workplace. So by the age of four, you should be able to tell if a person is likely to be a psychopath or a depressive. They''ll say whatever needs to be said at that moment in time to achieve what they want. Image How to spot a Psychopath1: The strategy psychopaths use is to isolate their partners from their personal relationships. Some people simply survive a bad boss situation and then move on to a better company as soon as they possibly can. They will make you look like maniac. Gillespie's psychopaths are everywhere, though in his estimation it doesn't make them any easier to deal with. The only thing you can control is your own reactions and behaviors.

How to deal with a psychopath boss

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  1. They work with you, and for you, and could easily be your boss," he writes in a chapter titled 'How to Manage a Workplace Psychopath'.

  2. In fact, he told HuffPost Australia it was his own traumatic experiences with psychopaths in the workplace that prompted him to write the book in the first place.

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