How to deal with a cheater

You will never be leveled like this again because you will have a shield that is the love of yourself. Their actions created a question-mark in your life: You should love yourself that much and more, all the time. Because this is not how a person who loved you is meant to act. Your love for yourself backs you up in future relationships even if others take their love away. Why Revenge is Never a Good Idea. They are also manipulative and often are sociopaths and psychopaths who lack the ability to feel empathy. But therein lies the break from reality: Take it as that.

How to deal with a cheater

Not only will this allow you to decompress, it also gives you the opportunity to collect your thoughts and grieve the situation. Try your best not to blame yourself for the act. If the person wanted sex from you at all hours, on an endless basis. Liars and cheaters always try to make it look like they're the good guy, don't fall for it. While that can be an extremely upsetting event, you shouldn't let it get to you. You act against your truest self, your most loving self and in the process, you degrade yourself. Take it as that. Can I truly forgive my cheating partner? You should covet yourself as much as they did — and more. When it comes to how to deal with a cheater there are many questions to ask yourself when considering staying or leaving. The loss of someone you loved itself, is painful. The best way to think of it, is they force you to act against yourself, they retain power over you — power that you need to sever by force. Are you questioning how to move on after infidelity in your relationship? You can remain trapped here — in these terrible feelings — suffering at the hand of this person who does not deserve any attention from you at all. Which brings me to. Focus on how terribly uncaring and selfish their acts were: That is not how someone who loved you, is meant to act. When it comes to trust — your trust has been shattered by this experience, yes — but know that it will be very clear to you who is trustworthy and who is not — once you do the necessary learning based on this experience. You deserve someone who cherishes you. As I teach my students, life is way too short to spend it being bitter about someone who has wronged you in the past. On top of that you are confused by the fact that they seem to care nothing about you or your feelings. Wanting them to validate that you mattered to them at all — that they felt in love, too. Do your part to shed light on these people. Flickr One of life's dirty truths is that there are unfortunately a lot of liars and cheaters out there. If this sounds like you, even remotely, then this is a blog for you. So I am hoping to give you some tough-love and clarity on your situation so that it never happens to you again. If the person was constantly consuming porn at all hours, in all places or reading Craigslist personals for meet-ups — regardless of what they said about why they were looking.

How to deal with a cheater

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