How to conversate with women

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Here's what you're going to find in this easy to use system of how to talk to women: If you hear this one thing in her tone of voice, you want to get off the call with her right away - I'll tell you what to listen for How would that change if she was smoking hot? Studies have shown that simple touch of the arm greatly increased the chance that she will give you her phone number and who knows what else. I'll explain these two types of calls in detail for you, and how you treat each one

How to conversate with women

I'm also going to share one of my personal ways that I use my cell phone to keep a woman interested in me, and dying to learn more about me. As the conversation progresses, turn more towards her and if she reciprocates or turns more towards you that is a good sign. You never need to worry about going too far again Studies have shown that simple touch of the arm greatly increased the chance that she will give you her phone number and who knows what else. And when you want to really drop the Atom Bomb in your conversation to take it to the next level, you can use my "Pushing Perception" technique. Send off your own availability signals. If you find that most of her body is facing you but one of her feet is pointing away from you, that is a sign that she may not be as interested as you think. She is pursuing her lips a lot, or her talking is slow, fractured, or hesitant like she is distracted or self-filtering what she is saying to you. All things that most men find attractive in a potential mate. So here it is — the start. I'll teach you all the techniques, and why this is the most misunderstood area of attraction He didn't really listen to her all that much, maybe made her laugh once or twice, didn't smile at all, and he's the least sensitive guy I know. Avoid self-soothing gestures like touching your face or stomach. How to make your stories fit into any conversation and not feel like you're forcing them in Patterns on the Face: Turned on, in fact. Evidence for automatic and controlled processes. She wants to talk to you about what matters to her and to feel you hearing her. Sometimes they're testing you on purpose, sometimes unknowingly. Leigh Join over 25, subcribers Download your FREE copy of Seduction Community Sucks now and get in-field videos, subscriber-only articles, and exclusive podcasts delivered directly to your inbox If you're ready to become the kind of Man that attracts confident and in-demand women without trying, then I have a gift to start you on that journey. And in that moment, I knew exactly what I had to do: And he's 15 years older than her. Having stories to tell is essential to have your ace in the hole. Or by telling guys things - and then judging them according to how they react to her. I decided I needed to go straight to the source. To be completely open — hearing and seeing without judgement. You're also going to learn my "Perpetual Conversation Technique.

How to conversate with women

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  1. The part of the conversation you should be focusing when you approach women, and how a conversation can be lost in the first 20 seconds if a guy doesn't know how to handle this one key area The one part of conversation and attraction with a woman that you cannot fake!

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