How can i get rid of hickeys

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Check out the video below for a quick explanation 1. Massage the hickey by placing two fingers over the affected area and rubbing them in a circular motion in one direction. You can use peppermint-based toothpaste as an alternative to peppermint oil. Cocoa Butter Cocoa butter is an effective healing agent for hickeys and other bruises. Peppermint should not be used more than once daily because it can cause skin irritation. The scrapes are also much less conspicuous than hickeys. You will feel a tingling sensation which will quickly go away.

How can i get rid of hickeys

You may use a metallic spoon in place of ice cubes. The Medical way Some medications can help you get rid of Hickies much faster. Only apply the compress in minute intervals, and never put ice on the skin without a barrier, as this could cause a burn. Rub a layer of toothpaste over the hickey gently and leave it there for several minutes. Rubbing alcohol to a hickey should be done a few times a day for one or two days. You can also use any of these creative Hickey excuses to save yourself if someone asks about your Hickey. Then press it against the Hickey for as long as you can handle it. Massage in the circular movement from the inside to the outside to break the blood clot. If you do these either two or three times a day, the size of your hickey should reduce significantly. It will help minimizes the mark. To use this method, saturate a washcloth in hot water. As banana is a natural fruit which is available in every corner of the world, so, using it to get rid of hickey might be a great option. Massage on Hiky Massaging the area of the hickey will make it possible for the blood to disperse and the color of the Hickey to start fading. Find answers in What is Hickey: Place a small towel on the hot Hickey. You can also prepare and apply an orange pack directly onto the affected area. Over the counter, Aspirin is a blood circulation booster, which has the same Hickey clearing effects as heat. To use this hickey removal method, wrap several ice cubes in a towel and press it on the affected area. The cold method might be useful for a fresh Hickies, but heat is a great aid when treating hickeys that have set in. Ever wondered why people give hickeys even if it causes so much problem in the real world? And if all fails, then the best thing to do is wait it out and let it heal on its own. After performing this treatment for 5 minutes on the hickey, apply a compress of cold towel for ten minutes. Massage Massaging the hickey scatters the clotted blood and reduces its color. Repeat this process several times at least during the first one or two days. Well, Hickey is a mark of shame in the real world, but it is also a badge of honor , depends upon who you are.

How can i get rid of hickeys

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  1. Once this is done, scrape the skin using the edge of a large coin. Once you are done, make sure that you apply a moisturizing lotion because rubbing alcohol can dehydrate the skin.

  2. Toothbrush Another way to improve blood circulation around the lollipops and make the task more comfortable for your skin to get rid of your hickey quickly.

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