Gibbon ne high school

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Left to right, S. It was decided to draw lots. Only hours later, the Presbyterians organized, and using the rejected bricks from the courthouse project, they built the first church building in Gibbon. Bonds were voted and the community entered into a contract for a three-story courthouse. At the end of six months when the citizens became legal voters , an election was held to determine the seat of county government for Buffalo County, with Gibbon selected. The Colonists, as they were later to be called, traveled all that night and until two o'clock in the afternoon of the next day. Thorp was to receive free all of the lots in the town, and, when he sold these, he could keep all the money. Choke-cherries were one local fruit, and, although a lot of trouble to process, they were sought after as the people developed a physical craving for fruit.

Gibbon ne high school

The County Seat has been in Kearney ever since. Among Gibbon's native sons we note: Dried fruit, often sent as a help to the poor relatives in Nebraska, helped sustain them in the cold winters. Gibbon is the site of the first commercial feeding of sheep in Nebraska. There was only one building in sight - a house for the section man that looked after the single track laid through the county in The time was now April 6. Brady was the first man to die in the new community. The town continued to improve services as telephones were installed in , city water in , electricity in , and sewer and paving in The names of these original settlers are engraved on a monument in Gibbon's Pioneer Park. Everyone in town attended. Until the soddies were built the railroad cars, both freight and passenger, were "home. It was an illegal procedure, as none of the members of the Colony had been in the state long enough to be Nebraska citizens, but they did it anyway. The diet of the early Gibbonites contained plenty of meat and home grown vegetables, but very few fruits. It can easily be said that no church service has contained a higher percentage of the population of Gibbon than that first church service. Tuesday the weather cleared enough so that the heads of the families got together and decided who should have first choice at the land. The library was built in Thorp was to receive free all of the lots in the town, and, when he sold these, he could keep all the money. Patterned after a prior experience somewhere in Kansas, Colonel Thorp had approached the Union Pacific Railroad officials with a proposal to build a new town in Buffalo County, Nebraska. Only one church in Colorado and another in Wyoming are older. The building, of classic design made from Gibbon's own bricks, was completed in days. Later, burning buffalo chips provided the heat needed, and after this source was used up, twisted hay made a hot but short-lived fire. Ashburn, and Buffalo Bill Cody of show-business fame. The Presbyterian Church, built in As the train moved westward it gathered other people who had answered certain advertisements in several eastern newspapers extolling the virtues of free Nebraska lands. It is often mentioned that when the settlers first came to Gibbon there were no fences to aid in keeping in the cattle or, on the other hand, to bother one on the way to town.

Gibbon ne high school

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  1. The Baptist church was organized on January 16, It was decided to build a Court House at Gibbon.

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