Getting over a midlife crisis

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Here we are living longer and longer, yet according to a survey published by Relate and Talk Talk, we are having our midlife crises younger and younger. Do something different because doing the same thing every day won't get you different results. Face it -- don't hide from the fact that you're half way through. And it may be hard to believe, but your family would quite like to have the chance to ignore you rather than always be ignored by you. Be a part of something that's bigger than you. Yes, some go off and defiantly attempt to fend off the aging process with new toys or medical interventions.

Getting over a midlife crisis

Yes, there's always the chance that key email telling you you're sacked will arrive while your BlackBerry is switched off. Not so long ago, you could identify these men by their sports cars or motorbikes. This year's midlife accessory is the fixed-wheel racing bike. If not now, when? Which brings me to. Do something that will take you outside of yourself. They are just bog-standard kids: The phrase that you choose to describe it is less important than your strategy for coping with it. Many sail through this time unscathed. At best, you can talk to one another and you might even remember why you first fancied each other. Other warning signs might include a colleague saying that she wants to "get away from it all. If you find yourself saying, "Is this all there is? Your analyst will tell you this is because you have deep commitment issues and you need two sessions a week. I remain the only person to have recovered from BSE. If so, it's time to reassess what you want from life, and to align these goals with the values that you've just identified. A previously energetic and happy team member may have stopped enjoying the activities that he or she used to do. That's got to be something of a result. Don't have an affair Yes, your partner might not be quite as gorgeous as he or she once was, but take a look in the mirror. Your analyst will again point out that you have really deep commitment issues and what you need is three sessions per week. Don't transfer your neuroses on to your kids Stop getting worked up about the extra maths tutorials, the football coaching and the music lessons. It doesn't make you very popular with your GP and it's not in the slightest bit helpful. Researchers define midlife as the years between 30 and 70, with 40 to 60 at its core. But it's worth pausing to think about whether a transition needs to be a "crisis," or if it's simply part of coming to terms with a change in your life. The jolt of a major event can force us to reflect on what we've achieved in our lives and — more importantly — what we haven't. Set New Goals The goals you once had — to buy a house, to climb the career ladder, or to have a family — may no longer be relevant or as important to you as they once were. You may be tempted to think, "What's the point at my age? Are you still living your life in accordance with the values that inspired those experiences?

Getting over a midlife crisis

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