Funny good morning text message

23.06.2018 3 Comments

Every morning we wake up is the first day of the rest of our lives. Good morning, wild and crazy friends! You are also at the office! It will keep you out of jail! You are my light. As long as you and I are together, the day will be good. These things just happen! Life is a book and each morning begins a new page.

Funny good morning text message

Does it apply only to girls at a certain age or to all women in general? Good morning my friend. Oh yeah, and good morning. Good morning, dear friends! Each day like a new page. Let the Rat Race Begin! I will let what nature intended for me to be to just come out. You are my light. Just want to say good morning, you sexy thing. So I can give you my morning kiss! So the only gift you have is today. You have a cute yawn on your face, a cup of coffee in your hands. Losing teddy was worse than I thought. Good morning, did you hear what happened to the teacher yesterday? Good morning, baby doll. Thanks for being my ultimate support system. Once upon a timeā€¦ Nope, too tired. Thanks for keeping me motivated! I wish life had a pause button. Thanks for helping me get through it. When I picture someone who is efficient and tidy, I see someone else! I always look forward to seeing you at work! Or worse, a text message reminding you that your subscription to something is almost ending? Have a nice nap! Life is like a book.

Funny good morning text message

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  1. May this morning find you even more patient than the last! Mornings are definitely for the birds and not for us.

  2. I love that God brought us together. The best way to get her to like you is to send the message across through meaningful and cute texts.

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