Fox body 5 lug conversion ranger axles

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What is special about the brackets is that you can use the stock length axles, but in 5 lug! This will really depend on what you want for brakes and the wheels you want to use. You have options from there with the Ranger axles: You can all use this in the V8 Mustang for a cheap 5 lug upgrade to the front. The original Cobra R wheel, the R58, has a 24 mm backspacing which is good for all four corners of an SN car. Which way to convert to 5 lug? You may have better luck selling your setup with axles, brackets, calipers, rotors and softlines to someone wanting 4 lug rear disc brakes and buying a new setup like the SN95 , Baer or flipped Lincoln setup. You can use your stock axles.

Fox body 5 lug conversion ranger axles

Here are pics of a homemade one: These are not easy to find and can be costly when you do find one. The rear caliper pitons utilize a one way clutch inside the caliper piston. I will explain this in more detail in the reassembly section. If you do find a Lincoln Mark7 LSC in the yard, also get the front rotors, 73mm calipers, master cylinder and proportioning valve. Keep in mind that this trick only works if you have the same sized wheels on all 4 corners of the car. One of the biggest advantages of a disc brake system is the fool proof self adjuster. For the and 4cyl cars, use the 4cyl Ranger front rotors. Keep in mind that master cylinder, port conversion kit , and proportioning valve upgrades will also be needed if you got to rear disc! The Sn95 units have a different height hat, so they will not work. Most of the wheels will mount up '98 cobra and the Bullitt wheels will not , but you will not be able to mount the center cap due to the larger dust cap on the rotor. Why upgrade to the SN95 spindles on a Mustang? Just use the SN95 Banjo Bolt on your flexible line for ease of installation they even worked with my stainless steel braided lines. For 4 lug, you will have the re-drill the rear rotors to the 4 lug bolt pattern. Either one will work. Here are some of your options for converting to 5 lug: Only the driver's side will work as the pumpkin on these rear ends is offset and the axles are different lengths you need the longer of the two axles. The rear Caddy caliper conversion: If you are getting the parts from a wrecker in a complete assembly as I did then make sure that they include the Banjo Bolt that attaches the flexible brake line to the caliper. Rear drum conversion 5. I would suggest that you first decide which tires and wheels you want to run. The V6 cars use the 7. Caddy rear disc conversion You will need the drums from either of these vehicles also if you are staying with rear 9" drums. Be sure to check the axles to make sure they are not bent or worn on the bearing surface and check the drums to ensure that they are smooth or can be turned to no more than the maximum diameter. From an Aerostar you will need two of the passenger side axles from an 86 to 97 model. The R58 and M wheels are now discontinued by Ford!

Fox body 5 lug conversion ranger axles

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