Find your match icebreaker

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Set-Up As the host of the party, prepare a name-tag for each guest at your party by writing the names of famous figures from famous partnership on each name-tag. However — when answering questions about their hidden identity, players can only answer yes or no. Buy the Best Icebreakers eBook! Youth group activities , party games, college group activities or games for kids. What was your most embarrassing moment?

Find your match icebreaker

Tell the guests to read the name tag, then to put it in their pocket and not to tell other guests what is written on it! This is their hidden identity. Here are some of the matches that I have used with my students: Hand out one index card to each student. Students will not need extensive knowledge of the subjects of the cards, but they will need to recognize the names. Once students have found their match, have them sit and interview each other. Also, know your audience. Ten to twenty people or so will make for a good game — but it certainly works fine for larger groups. As a class, brainstorm possible interview questions and write them on the board. Tips When making the tags, throw some curveballs. The customizable nature of this icebreaker makes it perfect for incoming students of any age. What is your favorite book or genre? They know their partner is out there looking for them, and they just have to mingle to meet them. What was your most embarrassing moment? Jay-Z Index Card 1: What really makes you happy? When two players have found their match, ask them to pose as the people on their name-tags for a funny photo that you can put online. What are two of your hobbies? As a player, the aim of the game is to find the guest who owns the name tag that matches yours. Def Jam Records Be careful not to create cards that could have more than one possible match. In this introductions game, the guests at your get-together take on the role of famous figures. Students should be prohibited from speaking until they have found their match. What really annoys you? What was the last school that you attended? If you think you have found your match, both players should go to an organizer to find out if they were correct or not. After the interviews are complete, have each pair of students introduce each other to the entire class, presenting the information gathered during the interviews.

Find your match icebreaker

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  1. Which royal is married to Kate Middleton? Ten to twenty people or so will make for a good game — but it certainly works fine for larger groups.

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