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I can't even begin to scratch the surface of the stuff going on, but as I mentioned already, most American's are not so stupid as to be completely fooled by this. Most Americans realize that we are not always right, but don't find that we are so wrong that we must travel around the world apologizing. I'll have links to these guys and more in my show notes. At the end of a nuclear conference in Soul South Korea, when Obama thought that nobody was listening, he said the following to at the time, President Medvedev. Explain what is happening. News aggregator Anews lets you add as many publishers asyou like literally any RSS feed:

Drudgereport comr

A President should hold the same beliefs and values as most of the people he or she represents. This might seem like a small humorous mistake, and after all, both of them laughed afterwards, but trust me, it is a huge mistake which only serves to illustrate the ignorance of Team Obama. These are our allies and he treats them like dirt, yet he grovels in front of the Moslems. But, my Russian listeners should understand this from another perspective. Funny though, Team Obama I guess didn't realize that Anarchists would and will turn on them also. Remember folks, for sodomites, the top priority is the sodomy. News aggregator Anews lets you add as many publishers asyou like literally any RSS feed: But know, in typical feminist fashion, it is a sin to depend on a man for anything, although here it seems OK if we are talking about men and women taxpayers paying for your pleasure. I would hasten to mention that taking any sort of recording device into a confessional under any circumstance and for any motive is grave sin and can never, ever, ever be done. However, I would like to see hidden cameras taken into the Vatican and have the real words and deeds of these wretches splashed all over the internet. Let's play sound clip 1 and Go! America is not a country of classes, but he and his minions are trying to create this. Obama's views were formed by his upbringing, of which much was done in other countries, and by this I don't mean European countries. Let us now return our focus to what we should have been focused on all along: Stay up to date with what's happening around you! Play sound clip 2 and Go! Even one generation ago it was the party of a lot of the middle class and the people, along with most of the politicians were basically good honest people. As I said earlier; I'm not open minded about this issue. So, Team Obama manages to make America to look stupid…………. In the same area on my website you can see him jabbing a finger at both the Canadian Prime Minister and the Israeli Prime Minister. Which brings us to the sad truth. First to Mathew Drudge of the http: Remember the hypocrisy here coming from a half-black man who is now the President. His two books or memoirs are full of fabrications and made up people who were made up to carry his narrative. The following is just part of what was said, and it is difficult to hear, but a full transcript will follow:

Drudgereport comr

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