Define undressed

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In the late summer the vineyards are a beautiful mass of green, as contrasted with the dried-up parched land around, but in the autumn the leaves are sere and yellow Isaiah Not to plant vines might be a sign of deliberate avoidance of permanent habitation Jeremiah Show More Example Sentences for undressed He had not undressed, and he sat beside the table, smoking his pipe and reading his newspaper. The noun meaning "state of partial or incomplete dress" is attested from s. The land promised to the children of Israel was one of "vines and fig trees and pomegranates" Deuteronomy 8: A successful and prolonged vintage showed God's blessing Leviticus As an example of the minuteness of description, an inquirer, thinking of a brother in India, an officer in the army, whose hair had suffered in an encounter with a tiger, had described to her an officer in undress uniform, with bald scars through the hair on his temples, such as he really bore. Sentence Examples "I don't know why you didn't just undress me when you put me in bed," she said.

Define undressed

I read and smoked for a little, then undressed and went to bed. After the rains the loosely made walls require to have breaches repaired; the ground must be plowed or harrowed and cleared of weeds--contrast with this the vineyard of the sluggard Proverbs They undressed again, and Dan put his gun away in his bureau. At a later period vine leaves or grape clusters figure prominently on Jewish coins or in architecture. As Quenu undressed himself he listened to Lisa making her own preparations. The whole Old Testament witnesses to how greatly Palestine depended upon the vine and its products. The land promised to the children of Israel was one of "vines and fig trees and pomegranates" Deuteronomy 8: The expression "vine of Sodom" Deuteronomy But the Nazirite might eat nothing of the vine "from the kernels even to the husk" Numbers 6: I undressed, and it was only when I was getting into bed that I noticed your present. One minister who appeared in gold lace and dress sword for his first, and regularly appointed, official call on the president, was received - as he insisted with studied purpose - by Jefferson in negligent undress and slippers down at the heel. For grapes we have commonly: She threw down her cloak and muff, the instant she came in, with an air of ill-humour, and undressed herself in a hurried manner. As a rule the vinestocks lie along the ground, many of the fruit-bearing branches falling over the terraces compare Genesis It is a time of special happiness compare Isaiah Joseph "is a fruitful bough, The noun meaning "state of partial or incomplete dress" is attested from s. The dialogue form was used merely to secure an undress manner of approach to his subject; there was no attempt at the dramatic. It is probable that the grape was largely cultivated as a source of sugar: This is doubtless the "honey" of many Old Testament references, and before the days of cane sugar was the chief source of sugar. Palestine appears to have been a vine-growing country from the earliest historic times. The mountain regions of Judea and Samaria, often little suited to cereals, have always proved highly adapted to vine culture. In Greek we have ampelos, "vine" Matthew He undressed, took his sword in his hand, and thus dived into the water. As the grapes ripen they must be watched to keep off jackals and foxes Song of Solomon 2:

Define undressed

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