Camel no 9 100s

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Package texts[ edit ] The reverse sides of many packs or boxes of Camel cigarettes display variations of the following text: Reynolds in its advertising as early as The Winston-Salem package showed a tobacco field and the city's skyline, including the former R. The brand's slogan, used for decades, was "I'd walk a mile for a Camel! In , over a decade after the ad campaign ended, the FTC issued a cease-and-desist order prohibiting R. According to a legend, the artist who drew the image of the dromedary was Belgian and did not like the marketing manager of Camel so he introduced a design of Manneken Pis a bronze statue of a very typical urinating child from Belgium. Don't look for premiums or coupons, as the cost of the tobaccos blended in Camel Cigarettes prohibits the use of them. They also claim that you can see the image of a baboon or another type of monkey on the back of the dromedary, some even say that you can see eagles near the head and a fish in the central area.

Camel no 9 100s

In , Camel celebrated its th anniversary. The reverse side of the five "Turkish Blend" cigarettes display this message along with a description that differs depending on the blend: On others, Kleesattel included " Manneken Pis ", a historical figure of Brussels. During a ten-week period, visitors to a website were asked to guess which city would be next. The organization said that it violated the tobacco settlement. Reynolds priced them below competitors,[ which? Camel paid millions of dollars to settle lawsuits accusing them of using Joe Camel to market smoking to children. He was hired through his company, Klee Ad Art, to design the packaging for the new Camel cigarettes' line. Or alternatively can be seen displaying the text later removed from some packets with the introduction of health warning messages: Proctor of Stanford University commemorated the occasion with an editorial in the LA Times, noting that over the last century Camel sold over 4 trillion cigarettes. Camel, a premium blend of the finest quality tobaccos, provides genuine smoking pleasure. History[ edit ] In , R. Package texts[ edit ] The reverse sides of many packs or boxes of Camel cigarettes display variations of the following text: Other cities and states also stated their objections including San Francisco and Seattle. The reverse side of unfiltered "soft pack" Camel cigarettes has displayed this text for many years, a theme also used by R. On July 1, , an "Oriental" variety of Camel was introduced, followed by Turkish Gold, a regular cigarette, in , and Turkish Jade, a menthol, in When examined closely, the shadows on the upper part of the leg define the image of this statue. Reynolds in its advertising as early as The tobacco blend of the non-American Camel contains less Oriental tobacco and a higher proportion of Burley. The signature scene on most Camel cigarette packs shows a single dromedary , the smallest of the three species of camel , standing on desert sand, with pyramids and palm trees in the background. Camel Wides, starting in , began displaying this on the reverse side of the pack: Another promotion was 'Old Joe', a circus camel driven through towns used to attract attention and distribute free cigarettes. It could not be used, however, to purchase Camel tobacco products. The larger gauge of a Camel Wides cigarette makes for the smoothest, flavorful way to enjoy Camel's distinctive blend of the finest Turkish and Domestic tobaccos. Reynolds denied that children were being targeted and said the campaign did not go against the settlement. Various Camel Crush and Camel Click cigarettes have also been created and are some of the most popular Camel variants being sold. Reynolds' most popular brand.

Camel no 9 100s

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  1. In , over a decade after the ad campaign ended, the FTC issued a cease-and-desist order prohibiting R. Reynolds emphasized the campaign was geared toward adults and pointed out only adults could access the website.

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